What feature would revolutionize your church?

We love hearing feedback from customers about what features or ideas they'd like to see implemented into elvanto. We note down and consider each request and many are implemented.

In this topic we'd love to hear from you what one (or maybe two) features that if added to elvanto would revolutionize the way your database works.

What would save you time and effort? What would help you disciple people better? What would you like to see?

Look forward to hearing your comments!

Posted by ben

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I was recently speculating questions such as the median age of our church, locations and other demographics. What's great about Elvanto is that you can collect all this data and canvas members for updated information. For me the next step would be the ability to visualize this data for leaders to get a better picture of their congregation. Like a visual stats dashboard similar in vain to

Posted by justin

Totally agree with Justin. The visualisation of data would help our teams understand the data that Elvanto records.

Also, smoother and more intuitive drag-and-drop People Flows. With the ability to quickly view all steps of the discipleship process.

Posted by joshuaeaston

I agree with Justin - greater visualisation would be extremely helpful in extracting data for teams.

Another area would be the extracting of service / group related data in the same format as the pre-defined reports but building upon those reports. The format of the pre-defined reports is great for the visualisation but if we want to break the data up into any particular format we have to create our own report and we don't have the flexibility to make it look in the same way as the others.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Dreambuilders Church

Posted by krissonsmith

Map Interactivity:

We already have the names, addresses, group adresses - How would it be if we could see the information on a Google Map. Here are some examples:

- Where all the people between 40 & 50 years of age (or any other criteria, like couples) reside.
- And at the same time see the small groups that are close to them.
- How about only show those with in that age range (or any other criteria) that are not in any small groups.

- See all the visitors (or just one person) for the last month.
- Also show me in the same map, the members that live close by so we can inform them of their neighbors visit.
- Show me the small groups that meet near by - norrow it to only the women small groups.

The posibilities are endless. ooooooooooh I am getting goosebumps

Pablo Cardona
Iglesia Bautista El Calvario
Doraville, GA USA

Posted by pcardona

I agree with Joshua on the People Views. One of the main reasons why I like Elvanto so much is because of the People Views. Most of the time, I don't want a report, I just want to see the people that fit a set of criteria and communicate with them. We are a small church and already the People Views window is over crowded and cumbersome.

Here what I have been able to figure out so far from the folks at my church. There are two main procedure steps for finding people through People View.
1. Custom People View (Very robust search)
2. Filter the chosen People View.

First thing I have found out, most of the people that use it at my church would get lost in trying to produce a Custom People View. They are not as computer savy. So we have sat up many People Views for them to use.

The second thing I have found out, although they have a harder time understanding the robustness of the Custom People View, they understand the process just fine - (1) Choose a People View and (2) Filter accordingly. Well, given this, if we had the ability to filter other criteria beyond Departments & Demographics they could easily get to their answer. I can see that this criteria would have to be something that they can just mark as a check (true or false).

For example: They choose to do a People View of All the members of the church. Then they have an option of filtering by Spiritual Gifts, and they check 'Service' or they could check a combination 'Service' and 'Electrician'.

If we could define the menu for the filters would be great and simple for most to follow (Two steps - People View, then filter). Of course those that can understand how to create Custom People Views can create them. It's just very crowded on that little window.

I hope I did not confuse anyone and was able to explain my self.

Pablo Cardona
Iglesia Bautista El Calvario
Doraville, Ga USA

Posted by pcardona

Second everything that was mentioned above.

I would also love to see A Stage Managers Checklist, where I can edit the to do list that I run every week and see who is rostered on each position for example:

* Confirm with Fred (who would be that weeks sound tech) that the two mics have done their sound test and are functioning

Because at the moment I have had to create a custom report that in order to identify the upcoming rostered volunteer reads:

Department - Sound
AND Did not attend Service - IS in the Next - 7 - Days

That would then give me Fred's name.

Once the volunteer has been ascertained I have no way of putting this volunteer into a list of items report.

So I end up with a series of reports:
1. The actual checklist with no names
2. The sound tech name
3. The lights tech name
4. The speakers name
so on and so forth.


Posted by youcanfindamy@lightpoint

Come to think of it what I would really love to see is an ability to print the calendar. Or even export it.

I only realised this when the routine maintenance was in effect and suddenly I had no calendar. That way next time I'll be prepared.


Posted by youcanfindamy@lightpoint

Being able to schedule emails.
i.e. type the email today and tell Elvanto to send it in three days time.

Posted by youcanfindamy@lightpoint

[quote=justin]I was recently speculating questions such as the median age of our church, locations and other demographics. What's great about Elvanto is that you can collect all this data and canvas members for updated information. For me the next step would be the ability to visualize this data for leaders to get a better picture of their congregation. Like a visual stats dashboard similar in vain to[/quote]

Just thinking on this. You'd need a way to be able to store the statistics of group and demographic size according to certain dates, so that you can provide us with line graphs to see progress.

Posted by joshuaeaston

It has been mentioned about visual stats dashboard like churcmetrics, but to add to that a great feature that would help us greatly would be to be able to enter all our previous years statistics into elvanto that we have before signing up with elvanto, and without having to create services for each week for the past 5 years.
And then be able to compare these statistics year by year, for example compare week 1 2010 to week 1 2014 and so on.

Posted by cam.attard

Hi Ben,

What about being able to track a volunteers blue card and expiry date.
I don't know about other states but in QLD every volunteer who works with children need to have a blue card, so do all the church management board.
So, field for adding the blue card details (card number + expiry date) would be helpful. (save having to have this kept in a different system).

Posted by jacobbain

Jacob their is another discussion talking about just that.
Best Place for Background Clearances. Maybe have a look there to see what has been suggested.


Posted by krissonsmith

I have brought up all of these elsewhere on the forums:

- The ability to force users to agree to a privacy policy before giving them access to sensitive information
- The ability to trigger an action/alert/people flow based on age (e.g. trigger a people flow when a person becomes a legal adult so that we can move them to an independent record, issue credentials, change demographic, etc.)
- The ability for adult members to edit the information of their spouse and dependants.
- The ability to trigger an alert/action/people flow based upon attendance (e.g. when absent for 4 weeks, put them in a follow-up people flow).
- The ability to use a smartphone camera as a barcode scanner for child sunday school check-ins.

Posted by MrWalko

Another feature that would be handy is having fields in a person's details profile only popup depending on their demographics. Such as having child only fields for the Children's ministry only show up if they are in the children's demographic.
This will help to hide fields that aren't required for other demographics that are in that same people category.

Posted by cam.attard

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