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Hello, I have been using Elvanto for nearly two years and sometime I need to create a service almost identical to one I have already done. (for example Xmas or some particular occasion) . The problem is that if I check an old servise and modify it , for example by changing the date I lose the original one. Would be useful it it was possible to duplicate it son that the original stays on record.

Posted by linogbbiano

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I use pre-defined service types to fill out duplicated information, for example every time i create a new sunday service i just select my 'sundays' service type and it fills out the time and service plan from the template.

You can read more about it here:

Posted by justin

Thanks but sometimes all I need is to change only a couple of hyms and a.psalm and it would save time to be able to duplicate an old service and amned the service plan.

Posted by linogbbiano

Yeah I guess in some cases complete duplication could be faster, if there are very few changes.

But every week I add the songs and announcements in the service plan, which is pre filled using the service type function, takes me no more than 10mins.

Posted by justin

For me itcis easier to create one every week as the liturgy changes feom week to week. Maybe the developers can think of a way to add this. Anyway thanks and God bless

Posted by linogbbiano

Yep this is frustrating. It would be great to have the ability to create a range of services templates that could be used for different occasions.


Posted by roger.bray

Hi Roger,

You can create service templates by creating Service Types as Justin mentioned. Here's more details on how it works:

In regards to duplicating services, we have it on our list to add this feature. Even though Service Types are great most of the time, there are those occasions where it would be nice to just duplicate a whole service:)



Posted by ben

Hi Ben,

Thanks its a great would still be useful to have the ability to create a number of different service plan templates for a service type.

The issue for us is we have a regular service at 10am each week. For this service we have 4 very different service plans. We repeat these plans throughout the year. I know we could create 4 different service types with four different service plans and then link each of these service types to the relevant departments, people, and volunteers. It just seems the long way round.

BTY - if we did this then I assume that we would have separate service reporting for each service type. I guess we then we would need to create comprehensive reports which would the pull all this data together if we wanted to understand congregational attendance? Once again seems to be the long way round....thanks -roger

Posted by roger.bray

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