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I am looking for an option to embed the Group Locator map to our website at a Guest Access level?

Currently, our Groups are locked down to members of the Group only. Other peeps and guests could see the location of each from the Calendar or Event Registration...but it would be nice to have the Group Locator map on our website to capture the interest of people who may not attend services but be interested in a home study group.

Thanks for a great system that is truly designed for a small church =]
Joyfully, Sheila

Posted by k9waggin

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Hi Sheila

At the moment you cant embed the group locator however we agree this would be a great tool! We have it on our list of features to add. Thanks for your feedback :)

Posted by jess.murphy

Any updates on when this feature might be added?

Not at this stage, I'll have to chat with the developers to see if this is possible. I'll upvote the feature request now, and I'll add this to the next development cycle. 

We'll look into releasing this in a couple of months.



Just curious if there has been any update on this feature.

Hi Steve,

We've started planning for this and a few other Group related requests.


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