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Feature request: a way to send login details as an automatic email after someone fills out a form (maybe add the %logon_url% and %username% as a variable to an automatic return email) or a way to filter people who have not had their login details sent. When onboarding large groups, it's hard to keep up with who's received their details but hasn't logged in. I don't want to send login details to people more than once, and right now I can only filter by who's NOT logged in, which could be a large list forever.

Ideally, in my automatic return email for filling out a form, I'd like to be able to include username and the URL to setup their password.


Posted by Patrick

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Hi Patrick

Thanks for your suggestion! We'll add it onto our feature list for development.

Posted by jess.murphy

Please can you add my vote to this - it would be really helpful to know who has received the email so that we don't send it multiple times - and also to know the date that it was sent.


Hi Amanda

Thanks for the reply.

I've added your support to this feature request.

Hope this helps,


Please add my support as well. Sending them automatically from a form would be great! Or in a people flow step as well, as an automatic option would be very useful too.

Hi Brandon.

If you add an action for the form or people flow of 'Send email' you can create an email template and include the %username% and %login_url% placeholders, which will then send the user their login details.

This article has more information on how to compose the emails that you'd want to create.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart, 

Thanks a lot! That's great. 

I was looking for the %login_url% in the 'add field' section - but I'll just add it manually. 

Thanks again. 


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