admins straight to admin on log in

I think it'd be really great if Administrators could go straight to the dashboard rather than to the member area when logging in.

I always want to go to admin area when I log in, so it's a multi-step process every time.

If not everyone wants this, then perhaps this could be an option in the user profile for administrators, or super-administrators?

Posted by fergus

Hi Fergus

Thanks for your feedback! We'll take note of this for our development team. In the mean time, you could go to the admin area, then save that URL in your favourites - that way if you login from that link it will take you straight to the admin area. You can also do this by adding /admin to the end of your elvanto URL.

Posted by jess.murphy

Well, that works well. Thanks. There's got to be a reason why I don't think of these things...

Posted by fergus

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