Wondering if there is a way to indicate that people who have been flagged as duplicates are not actually duplicates and have them removed from the list. At the moment there is no way to remove the people from the list if they are not actually duplicates.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Dreambuilders Church

Posted by krissonsmith

Thanks for letting us know Kristy. We'll have a look into this one for you and see what we can do :)

Talk soon.


Posted by ben


We have a few individuals with same first and last name that are not duplicates.

Posted by travis

Just letting you know that we've added the ability to hide people from Duplicates. This can be done from the Duplicates page in the Admin Area.

Would love for you to both test it out if you can :)

Trust that helps!

Posted by ben

Thanks guys
I have just moved a few people on. Seems to work a treat..
Appreciate you getting straight onto this for us.


Posted by krissonsmith

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