Self-Registration at Check-in

Hi Travis

Would you consider using a form for this? Have a look here:

You would need to create one form per person and then get your leaders to link them together in the family, but it does allow parents to register their children online or using an ipad - that way when they submit the form their profiles will be added into elvanto.

Its worth checking out what other churches out there are doing as well!

Posted by jess.murphy

I'm trying to figure out a way to have a 'customer-facing' self-registration for new families at our check-in station.

We have two iPads for self-checkin, which works great.

But we have no speedy, efficient means of registering new families or allowing them to register themselves.

Does anyone have a good solution for this?

Posted by travis

We use a manual form for new families that mirrors the information we record on Elvanto and manually enter them into Elvanto after that first visit namely because we want them to know that their information is being recorded and not simply assume they are ok with it and it also provides us with an opportunity to ask questions and see if they would like further information about the church..

Posted by krissonsmith

@krissonsmith Thats a good plan, thanks for the idea! Do you then just manually write out labels for them, since obviously you wouldn't be able to print anything immediately?

@jess.murphy That is the system we have in place currently, its just awfully troublesome to tell people to fill out the form once for each family member, and then have them go through the check-in process after all that.

Thanks for your help!

Posted by travis

@travis yes we manually write out labels for those not on the list. We find that families don't really expect to be part of a fully automated process the first time they visit - its more as long as a process is in place. But they do like to be recognised and added by the following week. We also have visitor numbers - eg V1 - so that should we need to contact the family during the service that they can be easily contacted in the same way as other children. During the week we add them to the system which means they get picked up for labels and we let them know their security number the following week.

Posted by krissonsmith

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