'report to' in departments

Hi. Will the 'reports to' function in the departments tell me when someone has ticked that department and role? If not how else do I arrange for automatic notification to me (or someone else) of someone ticking a new role in departments?

Posted by Steve Coster

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your email. At the moment the 'Reports To' field is used for when a person is scheduled on a service. The system can notify them if someone accepts or declines being scheduled on a service.

In regards to being notified if someone ticks the option, we do not currently have any functionality set-up for this. We do give the ability for someone to be notified by email (see People Settings) if a new person creates an account.

I will note this one down as a feature request and our team can look at it to see what we can improve here.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.


Posted by ben

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