Contacting Parents of Children

I sent this one to Jessica already, and she graciously added it to the list, but I thought I would added here as well and see if anyone relates to it.

I understand the way the Parents of Kids function works and I have sat up some people views to use it. However, it does not seem to be the most logical way for people to use it. As I have trained people at my church they seem to think that when they search for kids A,B & C, then their tendency is to press the Contact this People (blue button), but then find out that they can't contact the parents that way. However, that process has a certain logic with it.

If I set up a People View for Parents, I will get the parents of the kids, but the people that work with kids know the kids and not the parents. It seems logical that they would look up the kids they are interested in and then have an option to contact the parent of those kids (who ever they are).

Could this logic be implemented in Elvanto?

Posted by pcardona

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