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Here is a problem I have ran into many times. First let me say that all of our people views show the persons pictures in order to make it easy to identify.

Let say I need to talk to 10 people. I do a search of given some criteria (demographics, department) to narrow down the group to 35. Since I want to communicate with them I hit the 'Contact These People' button. Now I have to remove 25 of those names, since I don't have a picture with them it becomes difficult to remember which.

I wish I could do something like a Mass Manage that would utilize the same format as the 'Contact These People' button but also give me the option of contacting only the selected or all of them, or it could just be an option to 'Contact All These People' or 'Contact Selected People Only'.

Is there a way to do this that I have missed, or is anyone else running into this?


Pablo Cardona
Iglesia Bautista El Calvario
Doraville, Ga USA

Posted by pcardona

Hi Pablo

We'll note this down in our feature requests for you!

Posted by jess.murphy

Totally agree. This is something we have raised also.

Posted by krissonsmith

yes, it would be helpful :-)

Posted by Steve Coster

maybe for now you can have a temporary group you move them to and message them there?

Posted by zech

Thanks Zech, ive made groups for emails, but want to be able to roster them too

Posted by Steve Coster

That is the only way I have found to make it work. I do create temporary Groups and even temporary Flows to group people to which I will need to communicate to. Although this works well for people that I may need to communicate with more than once, it is cumbersome when variety of people increases and it is diverse.

In Flows if I want to communicate with all the people within a flow I can do a Mass Manage email, but it won'd do SMS at the same time, which is something that we do still use a lot for our older folks.

I wonder why the same procedure is not used as when contacting a group - The window shows up and gives you all the communication options (email, SMS, letter), pick email only, SMS only, email/SMS or letter. Very straight forwar and covers all of them. Maybe it is a programming thing, and on that subject my ignorance abounds.

Our people keep getting stuck in that they select the people they want to communicate with and then hit the 'Contact this People' button and then it gets sent to everyone and not the chosen ones. I guess it is a user logic thing.

Posted by pcardona

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