Temporary access to People when assigned a People Flow

I have raised this with Jess previously but thought I would put it out there in case anyone has come across this or has ideas....
With our New Christian Process for example we have a People Flow setup however for security reasons we don't want everyone having full access to the people in the database. Also given it is such a transient list I really didn't want to have to create groups as it increases the maintenance and also the complexity of the process where for leaders and team members it needs to be as simple as....

What would be great is if I assign someone a People Flow that for the duration that they are assigned the flow that they would be able to access the 'flow' information so that they can undertake the step. Once the flow is completed and assigned elsewhere access is removed.


Posted by krissonsmith

While I don't have the exact same need, I approached a similar need by creating sub-steps and assigning admins to just that step in flow. Also, created separate access permission for a role of Step Admin. We are just starting to use Elvanto so while in theory and a simple test run it seemed to do what expected, only time will tell =]

Posted by k9waggin

Great thanks for that. I hadn't thought of getting it to the point of setting up a step administrator access permission. So far it seems to be doing what I require.

Posted by krissonsmith

Hi there,

I'm dredging this conversation up from the past, as I'm just dealing with the same issue I think. 

Could you shed any light for me on what access permission settings you grant to people flow step administrators?  Or have you, in the meantime, come up with a better solution?  

We are setting up 'Connect' flows for visitors and new people - I want step admins to receive notifications and to be able to access info for people assigned to that step, and complete step-related actions (contact people, make notes, choose relevant onward step(s) to assign etc).  I don't want to give step admins unlimited access to people in the whole database - they only need access to people's details for the time they are in their assigned step...

Does that make sense?  Any clues appreciated!



Hi Anna

Thanks for the question.

If you give them access to People and restrict them to groups they lead, they'll only be able to access the people that they, as group leaders, would normally be to access. (Or you can restrict to a group category they admin for etc)

You can then give them access to People Flows, and mark them as either a Flow Admin, or a Step Admin. That way, they'll be able to access basic information about the person within the flow and they can contact them through the people flow.

Hope this helps,


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