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One of the features that we have found really useful in Planning Centre (which we're gradually transitioning away from as we move onto Elvanto) is the Music Stand app, which allows the musicians to view the chord charts, tempos, arrangements, and listen to that Sunday's play list for the Meeting the rehearsing for and playing in.
Is thee any chance of adding something like this into Elvanto. While the team can download the PDF charts, something similar to the Music Stand app would be a massive addition to Elvanto, and would help our musicians access the music and tracks in a really practical way.

Posted by rhys

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Hi Rhys

Thanks for your email and suggestion! This one is on our feature list, so I'll add your vote to it :)

Posted by jess.murphy

Hi their. I was going to ask the same question, as our church are looking at using Tablets during the service instead of sheet music. An app where you can change the key's of songs in the app, would be awesome.

Posted by streetlifeaus

I'll throw my +1 in here. Really enjoying Elvanto, but this is a massive feature of PCO that will be missed once we make the transition. Trying to sort out an alternative at the moment, but haven't come up with anything yet.

Ok, so I found Songbook ChordPro that I think will take care of our needs. It's a _little_ more complicated than PCO's Music Stand app since we'll have to sync via Dropbox, but it should meet our needs. Just posting in case anyone else is looking for a solution here.

Another solution is OnSong, but it was twice as much $$ and felt really burdensome to setup.

Hi Kennon!

Sorry for not replying to your previous post about this.

We had a look into this a while ago but decided not to go down that path at the time. It might be something we might look into in the future.

If you contact the ChordPro team and ask them to integrate with us we'd definitely be interested in integrating with them, as they would be able to use our API to pull the information from our system into their system.

Hope this helps,


Thanks. It's really a niche market, and arguably one that someone else could potentially do better. At my initial posting, I didn't realize there would be any alternatives. :)

I contacted OnSong, and will be contacting Songbook as well. Hopefully one of them will decide to make an integration. If not, then I might make something using Dropbox + your API.

Hi Kennon.

If you do decide to look into it, the following endpoints will be helpful for you. (And for Onsong/Songbook if they do decide to look into it)

To get the relevant songs for an individual service:

To get the files for the relevant Songs
Hope this helps,

Our musicians just looked at transitioning with the new Elvanto app (which we are really excited to have!)

The key functionality of having a smooth interface where people can swipe between songs is missing, and so they have gone back to PCO for now.

If we could have the ability for them to do this in the app it would be a real cost saver and time save for us!

Also, we've tried to add songs today with chord charts from songselect, and some seem to be coming through empty - is there a problem with this?

Hi Rhys

We're wanting to make more improvements to the app in the future, so keep an eye out for them. The current release of the app wasn't designed to perform this.

Regarding the chord charts from song select, we're only able to import them as PDF files. We can't bring the chords into the "Lyrics and Chords" area of Elvanto. This is a restriction of the Song Select API unfortunately. This is most likely what's happened. If you send us an email I'll be able to troubleshoot exactly what's happened with your songs though. 


Hi Stewart

Thanks for your reply. What email address should I contact you on?

Thanks so much!


Hi Rhys

Our regular support email would be fine. 

(If you're getting email notifications for this you can just reply directly to the email as well and it will come through to me)


This is also a significant holding point for us and our team. We use iPads/Tablets almost exclusively for chord charts for our bands. Am so far loving what you guys have done with Elvanto...but having to go back to the drawing board for something so useful is definitely a bit of a deterrent. Great work tho!

Ditto here, we are reluctantly still hanging by the last threads of PCO just for the music side of things but also looking at OnSong and it's possible integration with Elvanto.

Hi Cindy

We'll be looking at a few options for this in the future.

For now, you can upload the .chopro files to Elvanto that OnSong uses.

Or you can always have a look at this tool developed by one of our customers as well. It does require some technical know-how to get it up and running, but a lot easier than creating from scratch!


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