Printing Services

We are starting to print the service agenda/volunteers etc each Sunday, just to have a master list so we can verify who is serving where.

We have two service times (10am & 11:30am) per service in Elvanto. When we schedule our volunteers, we frequently have different people serving in different services (When we roster them, we choose either the 10am or 11:30am service). But when I do the master print-out for a given service, it doesn't show which service a given volunteer is scheduled for. I can't figure out how to add that, is there a way?


Posted by travis

Hi Travis

At at the moment as they are all scheduled under one service the printed service plan doesn't distinguish between service times when printing volunteers - I have added this into our feature requests for you. In the mean time, you may be better off creating separate services for your different service times.


Posted by jess.murphy

I would like to see this option as well. We have different volunteers for our two services and it would be nice to see on the print out which service they have volunteered for.

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