Ability to have Multiple People Tabs

For us we absolutely love the flexibility of creating our own customised fields within Elvanto. It allows us to make the product specific to our needs. One thing however is that the 'people' tab is getting longer and longer and depending on a user's access they have to scroll the page down to see everything on the page.
It would be great if we had the option to have multiple 'people' tabs whereby we can place the fields across those tabs to suit out needs.

Dreambuilders Church AUS

Posted by krissonsmith

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I second that

Posted by pcardona

Thanks for the suggestion Kristy. I believe this one's already on our list but I'll add both of your votes :)

Posted by ben

You are correct Ben it is something I have raised in the past but I thought I'd use the forum to gauge if it was something others were interested in...or only me.
Appreciate all that you and your team are doing.


Posted by krissonsmith

I've wondered this, too. But I've also been glad of the one page - that way I know the data is there.

And I'd really like to be able to edit services for a person on the main details page. Which is almost the opposite of what you're asking, but could be achieved if there's a flexible way of creating tabs and assigning information to them.

Posted by fergus

Hi guys

I know that this request is already out there but I'm raising it again as the more we get into using Elvanto the more fields we create.

For me the motto to our staff is "if you put it in you can pull it out" so we have a number of fields to assist with that.

The next step would be to have the flexibility to create multiple tabs and to choose what goes on what tab and who can see what tab.

Is there any chance this is on the schedule for inclusion in any future (near future) updates???

Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Dreambuilders Church

Hi Kristy

This is still on the Radar, and the initial steps to make this possible have been made in the work we've been doing with V2, although the ability to make these custom Tabs is still some distance off.

Hope this helps,


Stewart - We at DVBC would also like to be able to create our own extra People Tab

Hi Doug,

Thanks for the comment.

I'll add your support to this request.


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