Reporting API

It would be great to have APIs that allow integration of the Stats reporting into other applications.
For example, Church Metrics is a great website for dashboarding statistics for your church, only thing is we only want to enter weekly stats in once and not multiple times. So if we could enter them into Elvanto then have an API that churchmetrics could implement to pull the stats from our Elvanto account that would be fantastic.

Posted by cam.attard

Thanks for the suggestion Cam. We do have plans to add reports to the API and we also have plans to build in a graphical reporting dashboard as well. Don't have an exact ETA on them at the moment but they're in the works ;)

Have a great evening!

Posted by ben

Would this be a great place to add the ability to intergrate with Google Maps (if it can be done??) to determine how far one lives from the church location.

Just a query. I frequently have to run a external report to see how far a person lives from church in klm/miles. It helps us in our planning for special events. etc.

Posted by Murray

+1 for both reports API and VISUAL DASHBOARD! Any update on that ETA?

Posted by dan.harding

Not at the moment Dan. We're a bit tied up in a few other development areas at the moment :)

Posted by ben

Not at the moment Dan. We're bit tied up in a few other development areas at the moment :)

Posted by ben

+1 for reporting API. Need development volunteers?

Posted by Michaelb

Any news on the API for metrics?

Hi Toby.

Not at this stage, but we have some updates for reporting on statistics coming soon so keep an eye out.


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