Group Profile Pic?

Where can I upload a Profile Pic for a Group?

South Florida, USA

Posted by pastorkeith

Hi Keith,

The way it works is you can upload a profile picture to the Group Category that a group is assigned to. Simply edit the category and from there you will be able to upload the profile pic.

Hope that helps

Posted by ben

Thanks Ben for the quick reply! I was hoping there might be an option to put a picture of an individual group. No biggie.

Posted by pastorkeith

Not at the moment but it's on the to do list. The reasoning behind our current set-up is if you have a bunch of 'Small Groups' that are held each week, rather than uploading a logo/pic to each group, you add it to the 'Small Groups' category so that all groups are updated at once with that logo/pic. But there are cases that you just want a unique image added to a group and that's why we have it on our to do list to look at in the future.



Posted by ben

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