Best Place for Background Clearance?

Hey Guys,

As I'm sure many of you do, we run background checks for all kids volunteers. Any thoughts on the best place to track this data?

Sunny South FL, USA

Posted by pastorkeith

Hi Keith!

We find a lot of churches use custom fields to track this. For example, you can have a check box to say a background check as been done and an expiry date showing when it expires.

Doing it this way means you can even generate custom reports and schedule them to be emailed out to the person who looks after making sure the checks are done to show who's has expired or is about to expire, and those who are volunteering but haven't had the background checks done etc.

Posted by jess.murphy

This is exactly what we will be doing Keith. Creating fields to capture the background check licence number / expiry date and create reports to keep on top of them.

Posted by krissonsmith

Wow, just added these fields, love it!!!

Posted by robert

Hi guys
Just been thinking about this one a little more. One thing that would be really good is to have an indicator against the Department / Position that states whether or not the position requires a police clearance.. That way it would allow us to determine if there are any people who should have a clearance but we have no record.

And as much as we can create this on the People Tab it sort of seems to be more relevant against he Account Tab where the Volunteer information is stored?? That way it is a lot easier to restrict access to view the data.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Dreambuilders Church

Posted by krissonsmith

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