Volunteer Schedule reminder sms option

Just wondered why we can only email schedule reminders and not sms? Cheers Michael

Posted by mgreaney4130

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Hi Michael

This one is on our feature requests for development - so I'll add your vote to it!

Posted by jess.murphy

Any idea when this might be? I went to the feature requests section but couldn't see it. Would love to add my vote. Really want this option. I thought you could already and just went and bought 500 sms credits...  :(

Hi Phil,

Sorry for the confusion, this is an old post we imported.

It's possible to SMS volunteers details of when they've been rostered on (see this article and this article), just not to send them reminders of the upcoming roster. 

There's currently no ETA on when we'll add in SMS schedule reminders (currently this can be done via email), but I'd recommend following us on the blog to be notified when this feature rolls out!




Any word on this feature development?

Also, the link you mentioned are no longer working...

Are you saying that prior to a service, there is a way to manually send an SMS to remind people of their roster?

We would love to see an automatic option soon...


Hi Travis,

No updated ETA, but I've filed it in to be looked at when we reassess this area.

Currently it's possible to send an SMS notifying when a person has been rostered, but not a reminder. 

The articles regarding notifying volunteers for services can be found on this page.

Hope this helps you,


Hi, can I add a request for this also? We have some (admittedly a small number of) people who rarely read email but would appreciate the SMS reminder if it becomes possible.

We still maintain a custom piece of software purely to send SMS reminders. Any idea when this will be implemented? Everything else seems to have been done for SMS's, just lacking the reminder via SMS

Hi Timothy,

We're working on a few other things first but this is in our list of things to get to. 

It requires an update of how the automated email-reminders are sent so that it gets sent at a time that's more useful to each account though, as the code base currently doesn't support different timezones.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the update Stewart. Making it timezone dependent is very important before SMS reminders! I can imagine the complaints we'd get if we reminded people at midnight about an upcoming rostering!



Just to keep you all updated.

We haven't released the release notes for this yet, but this is now live.



Awesome!! Thanks guys.  Just turned the feature on and set the template.

What time does the reminder go out?  Is that something that we can set?

Hi Travis,

It will go out between 10am and 2pm on the same day as the emails. It doesn't go out at the same time as the emails though.

For example, for your Follow Up SMS.

If the initial Email/SMS was sent on Monday and you have the follow ups being sent every 1 day after, it will send between 10am and 2pm on Tuesday.

For your Reminder SMS, if the service is on Sunday and you have it sending out 3 days before the service, it will go out between 10am and 2pm on Thursday.

Hope this helps,


My Apologies about that! 

It appears that I was slightly incorrect.

The Emails and the SMS are now sent at the same time, so the emails will now be going out between 10am and 2pm, and the SMS will go out at the same time as well. 

And just to be clear, that's 10AM and 2PM based on the timezone of the church.

Hope this helps,


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