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We're a church with 4 congregations, one of which is Korean speaking.

The database is English with first and last names etc. Our Korean members have either adopted an English name or have transliterated their name into English and that's what is stored in the database in the firstname and surname fields.

However, among themselves, they follow the Korean convention, surname first then firstname. And commonly the full name is used for a name tag.

I've therefore added a single custom text field for the Korean name in Hangul script. What I want to be able to do is print it out this field alone as a name tag. How would I go about that? Also, what fonts and font features (eg bold, font size) might I have available to me in printing?

Posted by fergus

Fergus it would be an extra step but you could export the name using the custom field you created into csv and then from there create labels via a word template. That way you would have access to fonts and features.

Might be an option - even for the interim.


Posted by krissonsmith

agreed, thanks Kirsty - appreciate your post

This is the method we have used and continue to use and I guess we could go back to doing it, but it'd be good to be able to print from the database directly - especially when we have relatively non-expert users producing name tags.

Also, I'd be guessing that other multi-lingual (is that the right term?) churches would like to see something like this.

In fact, that makes me wonder how general a solution might be called for. Perhaps what I'm after is a custom report layout generator, where we can control fields, formatting and layout to a greater extent.

Posted by fergus

Thanks for the suggestion Fergus. We do plan to add a feature that allows you to modify name tag layouts. We might have to look at allowing different layouts based on their location because I can see that you would have a different layout based on if they are in the Korean congregation or not.

I'll note it down.



Posted by ben

An interesting wrinkle on this. A Korean speaker (as I understand it) addresses people according to their status relative to the person addressed. This means what one person might call someone could be quite different from what a friend or a superior might call them. This is a bit nightmarish for a general database solution to allow emails to be sent!

Our current solution is to have 2 fields for use when a Korean communicates in Korean to another Korean: (i) the name tag field (surname followed by first names), and (ii) an email field, which is written from the minister's perspective as he'll be the one most commonly emailing (surname in some circumstances, first name, then honorific appropriate for the minister to use toward the person).

Not sure this calls for any particular response from elvanto, except to be as flexible as possible about what fields could be merged/printed/emailed etc.

Posted by fergus

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