issues with people views and reports

The searching available through people views/reports is great. Basic searches are easy to set up and search logic is excellent for more complex situations. I like the ability to use reports as people views, since, in essence, both are search outputs. However, I've run into a couple of issues which seem to me to limit usability of this great feature.

(1) SEARCHING: Now that I realise how very useful they are, I've got a large number of categorised reports used also as people views. This is great, but the drop down window is much too short to allow easy and quick scrolling to find them.
• I know I can limit the offering via the search box and increasingly use this feature, but extending the drop down box would also assist, I think, especially if I can't remember the precise name and need to scroll through.
• I'd also like to be able to quickly see all the reports/views under a particular category - sometimes I know where I've put it, but I can't remember what I called it. Would that be possible? Perhaps the list could start with all categories collapsed and able to be expanded on a single click?

(2) MODIFYING: It's taken me a little while to sort out people views and reports in my own mind, since there's incomplete overlap between them.
• There are different ways to edit a purely screen based people view and a report. I'm frequently going to reports to edit something that turns out to be a screen based people view, which is somewhat frustrating.
• It's a good feature to have different fields shown for the same search as a People View and as a Report, but since doesn't appear to me to be possible to take a purely people view and turn it into a report, there's a significant limitation.

A SUGGESTION: I now wonder if the idea might be generalised a little? Should there be something called Views (ie the search/query itself) with an easy way to turn on and off whether a View is available as a people view (perhaps renamed as a Screen view) and/or a report (called a Report view)? When an output option is selected you can also select the fields to display and by which to sort. You could then have one place to access and edit them all.

Would my suggestions make a really good feature even better?

Many thanks,

Posted by fergus

Hi Fergus

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions. You can choose to set your searches as only a people view, only a report or both a people view and a report - this is done when you edit it. Have you done this?

I've added your feedback into our feature requests for future updates.


Posted by jess.murphy

Hi Jess

Yes, I've done that.

One of the points I'm making is that I don't seem to be able to change that once it's set. In other words, if it's a people view at the beginning, then it will always be just a people view; I can't change that by editing it, I'd have to create a separate report.

Have I got that right, or have I missed something (as I do so often!)?


Posted by fergus

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