Anyone else notice how the Service Start Time counter at the top of the page sometimes keeps counting the current time and sometimes stays put on the time the service actually started? I haven't been able to figure out what conditions make it do each function - it just seems to be random. It's not a big deal but it bugs me!

Posted by Timothy

Hi Timothy

In the live service view, you should see 3 timers:

TOP - this is the countdown till the end of the current item
MIDDLE - This is the time the service started, and has the current duration in the brackets after it
BOTTOM - This is the current time

If you click on the top countdown, you can also adjust it on the go (and reset the countdown to a desired amount).

Does that make sense?

Posted by jess.murphy

Thanks Jess, that makes sense, but sometimes the middle timer keeps counting the current time ie it mirrors the bottom timer.

Posted by Timothy

I've also noticed when I use Live on my phone, when I put in a message to the chat box, I can no longer get back to anything else because the chat window takes up the full screen. I tried zooming out, but it seems like the chat box is the only thing on the page, so I have to just refresh the page to get back to the timeline page with the other tabs. Am I doing something wrong or if this just a bug?

Posted by alexfan

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