Actions that take affect across an entire family

At the moment you can change a People Category and you have the option of making it an action that occurs across an entire family but it seems this is the only place this occurs.

There are instances where it would be great if an action would take affect across a whole family - or at least if you had the option to include the whole family.
One would be archiving people - at the moment you need to do each family member at a time but generally if one person in the family needs to be archived they all do.
Another would be notes that sometimes they need to reference across an entire family. Maybe when defining a note category you could specify that it is to take affect across the whole family. That way when a note is entered against one family member if the note category is selected it would copy the note to all family members...

Any thoughts?

Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Dreambuilders Church

Posted by krissonsmith

Hi Kristy

Thanks for your feedback - I've noted this in our feature requests!

Posted by jess.murphy

Thanks Jess

Posted by krissonsmith

Hi guys

I know things have been busy with Version 2 but just wondering if this is something that is on the radar at all?  It isn't that big but would make life a lot easier when working with families.



Hi Kristy.

We haven't started working on it yet, but it is something we plan to look at in a future release.

Hope this helps,


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