Unique attendances


Just wondering if we're able to report on unique attendances each Sunday, which would strip the double ups out.

We currently run an AM and PM service in one campus and an AM service in the other, and anyone who attends either AM and the PM service is counted as two separate attendances. This is fine for getting attendances per service, but doesn't give the net individuals who attended on a given Sunday once double-ups are accounted for.

Does anyone know of a way to pull a report on unique attendances?



Posted by Matthew Doyle

Hi Matthew

Thanks for your email! You can create a custom report and use the Attended Service filter criteria - that way it will generate a report of who attended within a given date range. You can also choose to see who has attended a service or a group in any given date range as well!

Let us know if you get stuck.

Posted by jess.murphy

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