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Is there a way in which the email that gets sent out to all the volunteers of a service can be put into one email instead of separate emails to each member? Having this option would allow the recipients to reply all and have the rest of the team see their response instead of only going to the person that sent the email.

Posted by alexfan

Just adding a comment here. For us that would be an issue as privacy of data is critical and even if we do emails outside of Elvanto it is always done as bcc so that email addresses are kept private....but we could be alone in that.

Another option if they have access to Elvanto would be to create a comment / post that could be used as a forum..Or if they don't have access to Elvanto another form of social media...

Posted by krissonsmith

We're transitioning from Planning Centre to Elvanto at the moment, and thee are a couple of features that would be great to have in Elvanto. One is the ability to plan out the roster over multiple services, assigning and de-assigning people until you've got it right across the period, and then send out all the emails with a single button press. If this is possible then we've missed it somehow at this point?

Posted by rhys

Rhys - not sure if anyone has gotten back to you but this is possible.
You can edit multiple services and define the service types and the period you want to do in one sitting. From there you can move people around till your hearts content.
As for sending out in one button - click on contact volunteers.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Dreambuilders Church

Posted by krissonsmith

Thanks Kristy. I'll take another look at that!

Posted by rhys

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