Reporting individual responses from a service

The Custom Statistics feature is useful if you want to record general data about a service. But I'm looking for something more specifically tied to the individual person, rather than the service.

Is there a way to record and report on individual responses from a service? For example a 'response card' might have the options of...
- read the Bible with someone
- find out more about Christianity
- talk to one of the pastors

Is there a way to record this info when attendance data is being input, so that as part of the service reporting it can also give list of those who ticked each box?

This would be the sort of thing I'd like also to be able to integrate into People Flows.

Posted by andrew

Hi Andrew,

At the moment it is not possible to mark which people fit those custom statistics. I will note it down and add it to our feature request to be looked at :)

Thanks again

Posted by ben

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