Intergration with SongSelect

Would it be possible to expand the integration to include the Lead and Vocal Sheets from Songselect - would make for a much more coherent song library.
thanks Steve

Posted by Steve Coster

Thanks Steve,

At the moment SongSelect limit us to just importing Chord Charts and Lyrics. If they expand their API to allow Lead and Vocal Sheets we'll definitely look at adding it in :)

Posted by ben

thanks Ben
I'll also approach them :-)

Posted by Steve Coster

This would be something we are interested in as well. Is this the sort of thing that would benefit from multiple of us speaking to them?

Posted by MrWalko

I just spoke to them @ Song Select and they said that the current access is limited due to licencing requirements with the song owners. It does not prevent you from manually downloading the lead or vocal sheets as PDF and uploading them to Elvanto.

Posted by MrWalko

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