Rostering guests

Advice on an effective way to assign guests to a roster would be appreciated.

Visiting preachers is a common example.

For a short term workaround, I've simply left the 'Preacher' position blank for that particular service, and added the name of the visiting preacher to the notes.

This seems a bit clunky.

The other option was to set up the rostered guest as a member, then archive them after the service, but this also appears an error prone protocol.

Insights would be welcome.


Posted by andrewhuxham

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Hi Andrew

Theres not really any functionality to 'roster' guests on - but there may be some creative ways people have used to do something like this!

I do know of some churches who have a 'visiting Ministry' profile that they roster on to preach when there is a guest speaker.


Posted by jess.murphy

Just wondering if there is a chance any changes could be made to provide some flexibility here.
Maybe if there is a checkbox or something 'guest' and if this is ticked it opens an additional field to manually write the name so that if a full roster is printed it can easily be seen exactly who?

Throwing it out there.
Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Dreambuilders Church

Posted by krissonsmith

Yeah I agree, I'm finding the same problem. A 'guest' box with a typing field, perhaps, much as some surveys have an 'Other - please describe' kind of field?

Not sure how this works within Elvanto's logarithms/HTML though!

Mike Wardrop
The Journey UC

I can see how that would be useful - I'll pass this on to the developers.

I'd suggest to follow our blog, to be notified of any features we roll out in the future.

Keep the ideas coming :)


Perhaps you could add the volunteer value to the new feature contact? Regards. Dominique

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