Facebook integration

I notice that for people who have registered their email address with gravatar their profile pic automatically shows up. Their profile pic also shows up if they have linked their account with facebook.

I work in university student ministry and so most of the people in our database won't be given access to it, but I would still love to be able to specify the url for their facebook profile. More than adding just another custom field, if it was an integrated feature this would allow elvanto to...

1) automatically draw their profile pic from facebook without having to give the user access to the database (and linking their accounts themselves)

2) allow either the user OR the admin to connect their elvanto record AND their facebook presence

3) in addition to a phone call, or sms, clicking on their facebook profile link would also provide a more seemless process of using facebook to contact an individual as part of the follow-up process.

This might be a feature of particular relevance to student ministry - but a facebook presence seems to be an increasingly vital medium for churches to interact with members of their congregation in a more social setting during the week.

Posted by andrew

Good ideas Andrew,
A link to their facebook is great.

Posted by dan.harding

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