Inviting People to an event

I am running into this problem to which I can't seem to find a solution.

After I created an event in our calendar, I wanted to invite all the men from our congregation. Because I can only filter people (when invinting through the calendar) by category, demographics and departments, and all of these are set to an 'and' statement, I would have to create a demographic that would be for 'males' to invite to this event.

This would make me work double and introduce errors in the database because we already provide each person with a gender when we first place them on the database. However, that gender is not part of the demographics, unless you create a new demographic for gender which would be double the information. Beyond that, if I want to send this invite to adult males, I would have to create another demographic that applies to males/adult, when the database already know the gender and the persons age.

It seems to me that demographics should have an automatic way of incluidng gender, age, marital status demographics. Maybe even any other custom defined entry that is in the same format as these, as in a selectable entry.

Another possible way would be to include people views with in the filtering for invites. I have already created an adult/male view for the hole church. However, this is not an option when filtering for invites. So my only solution seems to be to

- Create a demographics for males
- Asign all males to this demographic
- from the filtering window for invites
- Filter demographics - males
- Select all
- Individually deselect all kids.

I welcome your thougths, solutions

Posted by pcardona

Hi Pablo

We've noted your feedback on this - in the mean time, what I'd suggest doing is creating a people view of the adult males you would like to invite, then mass manage them into a group that you can as a filter for event invites. Then at the end of that event, you can always just delete the group.

Let me know if you get stuck!

Posted by jess.murphy

Something I have done here is create a form for people to register. That way I can use a people view and I don't need to create an additional group. Just another option.

Posted by krissonsmith

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