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Hello Peeps,

I have decided to investigate the auto roster feature, however the help file suggests that each volunteer needs to have a location identified. Yet under the Location Settings, the suggestion is to keep blank if you have only one location. We only have one location, so in ensuring that all volunteers have the service types checked. The feature is still not rostering. Is it solely dependant on location? Do I have to apply a location?


Posted by Murray

Hi Murray,

No location is required when auto-scheduling. It's just an option for those who use locations. Same with the Service Type option, it is not required.

If you're still experiencing issues with the auto-schedule feature, it might be best to shoot us at email and include the service name/date you're trying to schedule and a screenshot of the options you have chosen in the auto-schedule window and we should be able to determine what the issue is for you.

Talk soon


Posted by ben

Hi Ben, I was able to resolve. Step four of your help was where I tripped up. I discovered that in each of the departments, each position should have the 'reports to' option completed. Else the position will not be filled automatically.

Awesome Job.

Side question, how do churches usually roster? weekly, fortnightly, monthly? is it by departments, or one central rostering person? Be interested to know. - Perhaps a different post.

Posted by Murray

Hi Murray,

Glad you got it working. Having a 'reports to' option for each position is not required to use Auto-schedule. It would have been something else. All that is required is in the Service Type for the service, you assign how many volunteers are required for each position. A position needs to be 1 or greater to allow it to be auto-scheduled. This can be done by editing the Service Type and clicking on the Departments tab.

In regards to your side question, I think it varies from church to church but I think monthly would be more common. As you suggested, maybe start a new topic and see what others are doing :)

Thanks again


Posted by ben

With the auto rostering - just wondering if there are any enhancements on their way?  I remember something being discussed last year but not sure.  For us it would be great to be able to auto roster by "team" or be able to specify a recurring roster (Eg. every 4 weeks)....

Is there anything like this on the way?

Hi Kristy,

Being able to roster 'teams' is something we will definitely be looking at in the future. We're hoping to add it in an update.

Hope this helps you,


We use monthly teams for both worship teams and ushers. Please add my vote for 'team' rostering.

Hi All,

We do all our rosters 6 months in advance and love the auto-schedule function.

Please add another vote for 'team' rostering - the scenario we have is that certain duties are always either done by a husband/wife team or two individuals. At the moment we have to manually put the family members on together.

If we could roster by family or team then we wouldn't need any manual intervention in the rostering process, just click one button and the rosters would be done! :)



Hi all, Please add my vote. Regards Dominique

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