Information displayed 'at a glance' on People Flows

I have been working a bit with People Flows recently. They are great to use - extremely flexible and great for leaders to see stages 'at a glance'.

With some of our People Flows we have restricted access so that users can only see the data on the People Flow 'view' page - very limited access. They only have access to that person for the purpose of actioning the People Flow and as soon as the People Flow moves on from them their access to the data is removed.

With this in mind one thing I would like to do though is be able to modify the data that can be seen on that 'view' page for different People Flows.
Would there be a possibility to have 'default' information and then have the ability to include additional fields. As an example. I have created fields to record dates for commitments; baptised; etc. It would be great against our New Christian flow to be able to display these fields so at a glance the user can get a greater picture.

Curious if anyone else has come across this - or the thoughts they have?

Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Dreambuilders Church

Posted by krissonsmith

Hi Kristy

Thanks for your email! Yep - this is a fantastic idea that I will put in our development notes for people flows.

Unfortunately there aren't any great work arounds for this - one thing I have trained my team to do though is to right click and open the person's profile that they are actioning in a new tab?

Posted by jess.murphy

Thanks Jess that would be great to get it included. I think it would be good especially for those that do not have access to any further information (tabs).

Posted by krissonsmith

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