Scheduling voluteers on the roster - optional intervals?

Hi Elvanto
Some of our people would like to do their 'volunteering' for services all in the one day eg welcomer, bible reader, morning tea. Others would like them spread them over several weeks.
Any hope of having an option in the profile section for people to indicate their own preference?
I could create something but it wouldn't syn with the roster - can you?
Steve C
Queanbeyan UC

Posted by Steve Coster

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Hi Steve

Thanks for the post! We've got this on our development requests but I'll be sure to add your vote to it! It is definitely something we want to incorporate when we update our services module in the future.

Posted by jess.murphy

You can add my vote to that one too... :)

Posted by MrWalko

Would this include their preference of availablity

Posted by Murray

My vote is down for this already I'm sure. One extra though - being able to add 'teams' as in defining a group of people to always be rostered on together.

Posted by krissonsmith

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