Settings for families and a couple of other things I can't figure out

Hi Guys,

I think the way that Elvanto connects people by families is wonderful, however this grouping does not seem to translate to the average user level. There are a couple of features I am not able to find/enable/create. They may exist already but I can't find them yet! I have searched the forums and help documents.

1. The average user cannot even see who are listed as their family members unless they have some form of much higher access.

2. I can't find a setting that allows a parent to edit their children's contact/personal data. I would love the parents in our church to be able to manage the same data for their children/spouse that we allow them to manage for themselves. As the admin, I don't want to be contacted every time a family moves house because they can update their own address but not their children's!

Someone suggested in another forum post that some attributes/actions for one family member automatically propagate to the others (e.g. home address is inherited from their parents).

3. Related to this, is there a way to display member directory data by family groups? (i.e. Parents and children under 18). Is there a way that family members be listed on someone's individual member listing?

4. Is there any way to trigger an action based on birth date? In particular, I would love to be able to set it so that a child that turns 18 and becomes an adult:
- is then moved from the family unit to an independent record and,
- shifts from a youth demographic to an adult demographic.

(I can see how to auto progress between sub-demographics but not from one major demographic to another).

Posted by MrWalko

Hey Andrew

Thanks for your comments!

1 - 2. Yep - these are ones our development team are workshopping!

3. You could use from the fields to display some of the family options - that way if they click on one person in the family it would show them information from others in the family as well! Similar to the printable church directory report:

4. Automations like this would be fantastic and definitely some we have in the pipeline for the future, but unfortunately I cant give timeframes on this one :) You can however use the demographic progressions for an overall demographic as well - if you go to the admin settings --> demographics and pick a demographic you will see an option to enable progressions. Have a look at this article:


Posted by jess.murphy

Thanks Jess.

I will look forward to seeing some of those features when they come through the system.


Posted by MrWalko

In regards to the demographic progression, it would even be really helpful to be able to trigger an alert when someone turns 18 so that we can put them into a people flow. At the moment I have resorted to creating a report of the birthdays of everyone who is 17 or 18 which I can check every so often and see who had a birthday recently. It's a manual process that I have to remember to look at every so often.

Posted by MrWalko

Hi Jess,

Are the first couple of those any closer to being ready? It's a real hassle that parents can't view or edit their own kids profiles. At the moment, every parent is having to email me a photo of their child for me to upload. Very frustrating.

Posted by MrWalko

Hi Andrew

Unfortunately I don't have an update on this one as yet - its always hard to give specific time frames on new feature releases, but it is one that is on the priority list.

Posted by jess.murphy

Any progress on numbers 1 and 2 from above? They are still very high on the list for us (and I assume for many others).

Posted by MrWalko

What happened to the Forums? All the dates and poster details are stuffed. It took me ages to find this thread. I was trying to fin out what was happening on this one... 

Is there any progress on any of these? The ability for a parent to see and edit their family member's information is a pretty high priority.

Hey Andrew!

The ability for the Primary Contact of a Family to edit their family was added in June!

Have a read of this blog post for more information.

Hope this helps,


Didn't even notice they changed that... there you go... 

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