Bulk creation and release of credentials

I am configuring elvanto for our church. The idea will be for every member of the church to have credentials to access rosters, member directories etc.

The only way to create credentials seems to be to manually create usernames and passwords and then check the box to have the system send out credentials.

Is there any faster way to do this for 150+ adults so that I don't spend days issuing creds?


Posted by MrWalko

Hi Andrew,
If you go to the Volunteers page (People --> View Volunteers) up the top is a 'Send Log In Details' button.
Click that and then you bulk send login details.
Hope that helps.

Posted by cam.attard

Cool! Thanks for that. I will have a look!

Posted by MrWalko

When you send bulk login details. What is actually sent... is there a screen shot. I just need to be prepared for the questions....

Posted by roger.bray

I will take a screen shot when I do this. I will put it back up here.

Posted by MrWalko


Posted by roger.bray

I did this yesterday. Much like any other email address that you send out via Elvanto, there is the opportunity to customise the email before it sends. There is some benefit to issuing a username to each user before doing this, though this is a time consuming manual process. I used a standard firstname.lastname format for the usernames.

The format is something like:

[i]Hi ********[/i]

[i]Below is your username information to access your account.[/i]

[i]Username: **********[/i]

[i]Email Address: ************************[/i]

[i]To log into your account, please go to:[/i]


[i]If you would no longer like to receive general emails from *******************************, click here to unsubscribe.[/i][/quote]

Posted by MrWalko

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