Song attachments in service plan

Am I doing something wrong?

We have attached sheet music to a bunch of our songs but when those songs are included in the service plan, the volunteers on the music team cannot see the attachments. Instead they have to go to the songs section of the website and find the song and it's attachments for themselves. Should these not link off the song listing on the service plan?


Posted by MrWalko

Hi Andrew,

When a volunteer views their 'Roster' page in the Member Area, there should be a list of songs for each service that they can click on to view the attachments.

Perhaps you can [url=]shoot us an email[/url] and send through a particular service example and the name of a volunteer having issues and we can check it for you. Might just be a permission issue.

Thanks again


Posted by ben

Hmm... I assigned my wife to the service, logged in as her (non-admin account) and could see the songs just fine... Maybe they just couldn't find the song data... I took a screen shot and showed them where to go... dunno what their problem was... :)

Posted by MrWalko

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