Self create account to match your profile

I am just wandering if this is a possible feature that could be implemented.

Say somebody in our church wants to create an account in elvanto so that they can self manage their contact details, see any events coming up, etc.
They go to our elvanto page and create an account.
In order for their account to be created they need to enter all their details (First Name, Last Name, Phone, Address) and those details need to match up with a people profile that our administrators have previously entered.
If they don't match anybody in our database than their account isn't created and they go into a process where their account requires approval (and if already in the database get matched to their current details) from an administrator before it is created and entered into the database.
At the moment if somebody is in our database and they create an account themselves, we get duplicates and have to merge them, and we also don't want just anybody to be able to create an account that is entered into our database, and therefore at this stage have account self creation disabled.


Posted by cam.attard

Hey Cam

Thanks for the feedback! We'll put this in our feature development notes for you.

Posted by jess.murphy

I'd like to add my vote for this feature... thanks!

Hi Kathy.

Currently, you can send an email to users with the %login_url% place holder and this will send an email to them, with a link for them to login with if they have an account, or one to create an account if they don't already.

My suggesting would be to create a form for users to request their login details, and then you can allow them to enter their name and email address, and then have the 'Form action' of sending them the pre-defined email. You can also set this form to create or update people in the database if you want to allow new people to sign up, or for them to require admin approval etc.

Hope this helps,


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