Managing Child Volunteers

Many of the (10 year old and up) children at our church volunteer with other younger children's ministries and nursery and we are running into some issues with scheduling and getting responses for scheduling requests.

Any suggestions on how to manage child volunteers, who likely will not be responding to their own scheduling requests?

The only solution I have come up with so far:
- Create log-in credentials for each child volunteer manually
- Use parent's email address for child volunteer
- When scheduled, the child's scheduling request goes to the parent's email
- The parent logs in as the child to accept the request

It would be great if there was a way for parents to accept scheduling requests for their children without having to log into separate accounts for each child.

Posted by travis

Hi Travis

Thanks for your suggestion - what you have come up with as solutions so far are the best options, however I've put this down as a feature request for you.

Have a great christmas!

Posted by jess.murphy

We always send emails to the parents for the younger children and in some instances follow it up with a hard copy of the roster so that they can 'own' to a degree that they are the volunteer.

Posted by krissonsmith

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