Making Custom fields relational?

Is it possible to make some of our custom fields relational?
For example, we'd like to be able to record who a particular Alpha Guest's Table Leader was. The Alpha Table Leader will obviously be a member of the church already, and it would be great to be able to put their name into the field and have the database recognize their record.
Is this possible? If so, how do we create the field to do this?

Posted by rhys

Hi Rhys,

Unfortunately Custom Fields can not be made relational at this time.

I'm not 100% sure if this will work with what you're trying to achieve but perhaps you could set-up a [url=]People Flow[/url] which will allow you to enter the 'Alpha Guest's Table Leader' when a person is completed in a Step of a People Flow.

Hope that helps


Posted by ben

Thanks Ben!

We were simply wanting to have the Alpha Table Leader's name be recognized in that field as another record in the database.
We do a similar thing with our welcome team, each new person is assigned to a Welcome Team Volunteer, who then follows up with them and helps them into the church. We've created a field called 'Welcomer' for each new person - ideally we'd like that to link to the person who's welcoming them rather than just having their name in the box, if that makes sense?

No problem if it can't be done at this point, but it would be grand if you guys would consider adding 'relational' options to custom fields.

Thanks so much!

Posted by rhys

Hi Rhys,

Thanks for giving a little more detail. I think [url=]People Flows[/url] would be a much better option than a Custom Field. People Flows allow you to create a follow up process for each new person, assign someone to do the following up and also give reminders and reports for people and where they are in the follow up process.

Have a look at the webinar in the above link and it will explain how it all works.

Have a great weekend


Posted by ben

Thanks Ben!

I should have said that we are using people flows too (and loving them) for managing the actual integration process. There are two reasons we wanted a field for the 'Welcomer':
1. We have added that in our 'New People' category People View, so that when we look at the people who are in that category we can scan down the list and see who people are being welcomed by. That means we can immediately see if someone hasn't been assigned a Welcomer, and also we can get a feel for how many people a welcomer is helping to integrate (helps us make sure that Welcomers are looking after a realistic number of new people, and not over-doing it).
2. We want to be able to run a report that shows who people are welcoming each week, so the welcomers can give us feedback on how things are going.

Posted by rhys

We'd love some relational fields too.

Ben, I wonder if it would be helpful to either:

 - allow us to display PeopleFlow fields in a persons' Details Page


 - allow us to Display PeopleFlow fields in PeopleSearches

At the moment, we're having to avoid People Flows because they are too difficult to administer... we just want to see a list of people in various PeopleFlows using various filters.

Hi Dave,

I like the idea regarding being able to display people flow fields into a people view or advanced search -I can see how this would be helpful! I've also logged these to be looked at in a future update.



Yes, the information contained in the people flows is to 'hidden' from the ordinary people view. When you are looking at a person's profile - the question you want to know is 'Who is following this person up?' As opposed to going to the list of all the people in the people flow step and scrolling down to find the person you are looking for.

Can I say that Dave's suggestion is a good idea too.


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