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We've hit a little snag with our volunteer communications side of things. We're using departments for Sunday serving teams as well as mid-week serving teams, and quite a lot of our people are on more than one team.
At the moment, even if people are in more than one department, when they're emailed a roster request, their 'confirm' or 'decline' will only go to the person listed in the 'Reports to' field. That means that that person is receiving confirmations and declines for the teams they're leading and scheduling, and also teams that they're not leading and scheduling.
The alternative is to leave the 'reports to' field blank, but then we no-one receives any notification if a person confirms or declines.

I wonder if it would be possible to change this behaviour to a 'per department' rather than per person I.e. We choose a leader for each department in the department setting, and any scheduling emails come from that person, and any notifications of 'confirm' or 'decline' are sent to that person.
Then, if a person is on the Alpha Team mid-week and the set-up team on a Sunday, they are receiving their scheduling requests for the respective team leaders, and their responses are being sent through to those respective team leaders.

Thanks so much!

Posted by rhys

Ah, figured it out! Realized that we can set this up in each department!

Posted by rhys

Glad you worked it out!

For those who read this post in future, here's the article explaining how to set a [url=]'Reports To' for departments and positions[/url].

Posted by ben

For those wanting the new link.

Hope this helps,


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