Custom date field auto-updated by form

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a form tied to a custom field for a person saying they've provided permission for us to have them in the member directory.

I've created the form however down in the action section when I select my field it seems to want me to assign a date rather than accept the one that is being put in on the form.

Does that make sense? Any tips?


Posted by rowanwins

Hi Rowan,

Looks like the 'Directory Consent Provided' was created to be a date field which is why it's asking for a date. You might want to change it to a tick box. This can be done by editing a People Category and then editing the 'Directory Consent Provided' custom field.

I do also notice that you have two 'Directory Consent Provided' fields. You might want to remove one of them to stop any confusion.

Trust that helps


Posted by ben

Thanks, I had spotted that duplication of fields.

The reason I went a date field was so that I could store the date that the person completed the form but you're right a checkbox is probably simpler as it looks like the form recieves a time/date stamp on submission anyway.


Posted by rowanwins

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