CSS options for personal layout

Hi team,

Just wondering about the customisation or ability to add CSS child display sheets to the the feel of site. I am seeking a pretty seamless intergration between our main site, and elvanto, but styling is letting me down. :(
my main site: and our elvanto site - dont quite cut it although we are trying to bring consistency.

Posted by Murray

Hi Murray,

At this time we do not give the option to change the CSS of elvanto to the extent you require. We will be making updates this year to improve the layout and take it to the next level but at this stage we do not have plans to allow too much customisation in this area. But I'll note your request down for something to look at :)



Posted by ben

This may not be exactly what you are looking for, but we imbed our Elvanto site within our main website using "iframe". This give us a mostly seamless entry point for members to login and get the information they need.


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