Accept Roster Requests without Logging In


A feature that would change our lives (BIG TIME, especially with scheduling some of our children that volunteer in younger kids ministries like the nursery) would be to allow accepting roster requests without logging in.

Before Elvanto, we used Church Community Builder (which in general I was not a fan of, Elvanto is much better). The only feature that they had that I really miss was the ability to do this.

[url=]This is their help article on it.[/url] It glosses over the fact that you don't have to log in to accept scheduling requests, but thats how it works. Really slick. Not sure how it's done exactly, but this would revolutionize our ministries and scheduling, which is a huge part of how we use Elvanto.


Posted by travis

Hi Travis

Thanks for your feedback! This one is on our feature requests, but I'll be sure to add your vote to it :)

Posted by jess.murphy

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