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In trying to add Rehearsal Times to our services, it does not appear that there is a date-picker to allow us to add Rehearsal Times for different days than the day our service is occurring. Is this an item that could be added to a feature list?


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Hi there,

At the moment you cannot select different dates within a service for the Rehearsal or Other Times. This is a feature we plan to add in the future but we do not have an exact ETA on this yet.

Let me know if you have any further questions


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Please add my vote for adding dates to all service times. As it stands, I cannot add mid-week rehearsal times to the service.

Ideally, every start time and end time should be stored in full date/time fields, that would also eliminate the problem the other user had regarding the watchnight service going past midnight.

Hi Frederic,


Thanks for the feedback! 

I'll be sure to pass this on to the developers to consider.



+1 vote from me for this feature

+1 here. We have rehearsal on a Saturday for the Sunday morning service.

Hi Andrew,

I have added these votes in as well



+1 for me too please :D

+1 for me too please. We have people rostered on to Setup on Saturday afternoon. 

Also, if certain departments can be assigned to different service music team on Saturday night or setup team on Saturday afternoon...that would be great!

Throwing my +1 to this. We're evaluating this as a replacement for Planning Center and another ChMS, but this is something we use heavily. So it'd be really great to have.

Thanks Kennon

We're looking at getting this live in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Great! :) Thanks.

Yes please - this would be a huge help to us. To have the calendar automatically populate a musician's rehearsal as well as the service time would be really helpful.

Hi Jordan!

Of course! When rostering it would still give you the choice of which extra times to roster them onto, and if some of these had been set to a different date then you could easily specify that other date to roster them on for.


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