Problems finding new song

I'm trying to add a new song (I'm ready to go, Getty) but when I type it's name into the new song area it isn't found on Song Select. However if I log into Song Select separately the song is there on that website.

I know I can save it onto my computer from Song Select and then re-upload it into Elvanto! but is there any way to fix the problem that I can't find it directly through Elvanto? (or if it's something I'm doing wrong.........)

Thanks :-)

Posted by muso

Hi Muso!

Can you confirm you have linked your CCLI account with elvanto? Are there other songs you can download the information straight into elvanto?

Posted by jess.murphy

Hi Jess,
As far as I know we have linked our CCLI account with Elvanto already. We have been able to access a number of songs already directly from Song Select through Elvanto but occasionally come across one which we can't get.

I had the same problem a few weeks ago with 'Make me a channel of my peace' - so I had to put together my own chord sheet & up load it onto Elvanto.

Posted by muso

I'm able to consistently reproduce this issue and believe I've found the issue. The issue appears with any song that has an apostrophe in the title. 

I've reproduced it with the following songs: "He's sweet I know" and "Can't nobody do me like Jesus". I'd assume that since muso's reported song also contained an apostrophe, they were running into a similar issue. To verify this wasn't an overall issue with SongSelect, I was able to import songs without an apostrophe, such as "Amazing Grace".

Technically, I'd suspect that the issue has to do with escaping the special characters in the input string then when it's passed to the SongSelect API, where it's not recognized.

As a related issue, it appears that searching for a song for with an apostrophe for a service is also not working properly. The search works in the main search box (upper right, when in admin view), but it doesn't work when editing a service schedule and trying to add a service. From the search box I entered 'can't nobody' and the autocomplete box never appeared. If I entered just 'nobody' into the searchbox the correct song did appear in the autocomplete box.

Hi Brian

Thanks for that. I've passed this onto the developers.

It appears that if you type in just 'Hes' when adding the song from song select, but this does not work when searching for the song when adding it to the service.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for passing this on. I can confirm the workaround of not including the special characters did work.

Hi Brian.

Just to let you know, the developers have managed to fix the search issue, when adding a new song from Song Select. The issue with the search when adding the song to the service remains unfixed for now though, as it is a different search function. 


Hi Brian.

You can now correctly search for songs with a comma, and other characters, in their name.

Hope this helps,


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