Has anyone else used Elvanto to track and maintain Safe Ministry info?

Hi there,

I'm trying to work out the easiest way to record our safe ministry information in Elvanto and get reports on it. Thought I'd learn from other people's experiences if there's anyone out there.

In my church, Anglican in the diocese of the Northern Territory, we need to record:
- Ochre Card number (govt issued thing)
- Ochre Card expiry date
- Safe Ministry Training date
- Diocesan declaration form completed


Posted by joshua.kuswadi

I am assuming that when you Safe Ministry that you are referring to requirements for working with children?
If so. We have created a number of custom fields to capture the required information. From there I have created a number of reports that show expiry dates / people turning 18 / new people on team etc. so that I can keep on top of who needs what within their teams.

Does that help?

Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Dreambuilders Church

Posted by krissonsmith

Hey Joshua

Our team are working hard on producing some documentation on ways you can use elvanto to help comply with Safe Church standards, including a few little updates that will help with this as well.

In the mean time, the best thing as Kristy suggested is to use custom fields - you can create a Safe Ministry section on people's profiles with custom fields that define those 4 things you listed. It's then also a good idea to schedule a report that gets sent out periodically to whomever administrates this for your church notifying them of people's Ochre card expiring. You can set this up as a custom field, with the criteria being set to:

Match ANY of the following criteria:

Ochre Expiry [or name of the custom field] - is in the next x days/months
Ochre Expiry - is in the last 5 years

Have a look at this article for how to set up the automatic email schedule:

Let us know if you'd like any further clarification on these options.

Posted by jess.murphy

Just wondering if there has been an update to this as suggested in the forum above two years ago.

Hi Jenny

The follow articles will help you out in how to do this.

Hope this helps,

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