View unavailability on admin calendar

Is there a setting we can alter which will allow me to view the unavailability of people in different departments on the calendar view?
So rather than having to go into 'people unavailability' in settings being able to filter it as an option on the calendar page to see unavailabilities by date not by person.


Posted by muso

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Hi again,

This also is not yet possible but I'll also note it down on our feature request list :)

Posted by ben

This would be very helpful!

Currently, we can only see the availability of people one Service at a time, even in multi-service view.

It is tough to schedule blindly without knowing past and future availability of people when making scheduling decisions.


Since you have the ability to pull in Google Calendars to view, how about this workaround? Export your list as a Google Sheet and automate the dates into a new Google Calendar. Then simply pull that calendar into your calendar view in Elvanto.  Zapier and other vendors do this or you could simply use a basic script for free:

Google your options on this - hope that helps! Meanwhile, hopefully this feature is added into the system to make scheduling easier.

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