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Loving People Flows... However I have a question, how does the people flow drop off their profile? Eg. If I had a phone message people flow, and it is completed, my assumption is that it no longer shows on their profile that they are still part of the flow.

Does that make sense.
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Posted by Murray

I had that question when we first started using People Flows. They are designed to stay attached to the profile so that at any point in time you can see what flow(s) they have been a part of.

As long as you complete the step and they are not moved to another step they won't appear as outstanding anywhere but against their profile it is a record of their involvement.

Kristy Sonneman-Smith
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Posted by krissonsmith

Yes I thought that too. But I also understand that the activity keeps a track of all those things too to my understanding.

Posted by Murray

Hey Guys

Thanks for the feedback - just letting you know we have added in a feature request for our development team to allow you to choose which flows you want to show or hide from a person's profile once they been completed from it. Keep an eye out on our social media for when updates come out!

Posted by jess.murphy

Thanks Jess....
yet again.

Posted by krissonsmith

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