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Hey folks, is there a way to integrate elvanto user & password with a Wordpress login details? Not sure how this works, but perhaps something like an openID integration or such. From an administrative point of view, we are looking to have all our online docs & policies, all within an repository within our protected area of wordpress as opposed to Elvanto.

I understand the file section of Elvanto may work, perhaps it needs a tutorial, I just found that to actually get to a file or to put onto a menu item quite a few steps, I had to click several times just to view the item / link

Posted by Murray

Hi Murray,

At the moment we do not have an Open ID type of integration in elvanto. This is something we might look at in the future but we would need to ensure it is totally secure before release.

Do you have any questions regarding the file system that you need help with?


Posted by ben

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