Custom field filter for member directory

Hi guys,

Just a question re the member directory. We are looking to implement permission form which people sign to allow us to share their details via an elvanto member directory. What would be handy would be if you could filter the member directory a custom field.

It seems at the moment you can filter by category or demographic but in my instance they dont seem to be fill my need.

Does this make sense?


Posted by rowanwins

Hi Rowan

Thanks for posting! Just so we understand what you are looking for, are you trying to use a custom field to determine if a person is shown or hidden from the member directory?

You can hide a person's profile from the directory by going to their profile in the admin area and clicking 'hide from member directory' on the left hand side bar.

If you are using a form to collect this data, you could use our mass manage tool and choose change person's field - member directory - hidden. Have a look [url=]here[/url].

Let us know if you get stuck!

Posted by jess.murphy

Perfect thanks Jess, I think that'll do the job nicely!

Posted by rowanwins

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