Assigning an entire category of people into a particular demographic?

Hi, I uploaded our kids ministries contact list - many of these kids are not connected to church families but attend our Friday outreach programs.
I ensured they would be listed as 'youth' during the import as far as demographics are concerned, and also as to whether they are high school or primary school youth using the Categories option. But because they are not listed as the 'Child' in the 'Family' section of their individual bio's they have been counted as Adults on the database. Is there a way to delegate all of the people in a category or demographic as a 'Child' or do I have to go through each bio individually and change their status to 'child' - I have 254 kids on our database.
Thanks guys

Posted by arcoates

I found the answer - yes I can, and it was simple!

Posted by arcoates

Glad you got it sorted! You may be also interested in checking out [url=]this article[/url] that shows how our mass manage tool works - can have other handy uses as well :)

Posted by jess.murphy

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